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Kanye Westeros

June 27, 2014

From skirts to leather jogging pants, Kanye West has never feared making a bold fashion statement. We could see Yeezy sporting some outfits straight out of Game of Thrones. What do you think?

Here we see Kanye sporting the ladybug adorned outfit of Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the suppossed 'wealthiest man' in Qarth. We've seen bigger chains sported by rappers just entering the game. But then again, those chains are usually on loan. Then again, Xaro's chain is probably on loan as well (burn!).
Next up on the styling block is a monk-like Kanye garbed in the robes of one Maester Luwin. The embedded scarf action is a cool concept that we have not seen before. Accessorized with a throwback iron chain that is also a novel approach. The chain blends well with this outfit and is a welcomed downtempo alternative to the over the top glam and glitz that chains usually embody.
With a skirt and what looks like leather leggings, Kanye looks right at home in this John Snow inspired outfit. The cape is a badass addition and the ankle tie up boots are something that I could really see catching on.
And finally, Ye looks quite distinguished in Jaimie Lannister's leather jacket. I gotta hand it to him (pun intended).
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